Michelle started Ace All-Star in 2009. She has a love and passion for cheerleading. She loves the athletes and loves to see them happy and learning new skills. Michelle cheered in high school, allstar and collegiate levels. She has been in the industry for over 15 years!

Michelle is the owner and coach of Savage


Bre: I started as one of the first Ace Cheerleaders, then eventually came back as a coach! I am also a high school art teacher. Art is just as much of a passion for me as cheerleading! When I am not at cheer, I love creating. I am very competitive, I love pushing my team to be their best!

Bre currently coaches Black Ops and Rampage


Brooklyn: I’ve been coaching for the past 4 years at Ace, and I’ve fallen in love with everything this gym and sport has to offer. I have 8 years of cheer experience, and I’m currently a full time student and employee at the University of Utah! My goal is to push my athletes to be their very best, as well as give them all of my love and support.

Brooklyn currently coaches Strikers and Rampage


Calee: I cheered at ace for ten years and coached for 3 ½ years before moving for college. I graduated with my Bachelor’s in exercise science from SUU and am now getting my Masters degree in Athletic Training at the U. I have such a strong passion for cheer and watching my athletes grow into the best that they can be! I am so excited to continue coaching and to really push my teams and each individual to their full potential. 

Calee currently coaches Savage, Stealth and Black Ops


Courtney (A.K.A “Shortney”): May I just say, I LOVE ALL MY ATHLETES. Working with your kids is my pride and joy! I also love this super fun and confidence building sport:) I’ve been cheering for 12 years- Allstar, Highschool and Collegiate! I’m so grateful I can share my passion through coaching. I get to watch these athletes grow personally as well as a team family! 

Courtney currently coaches Stealth


Josie: I started as an Ace Athlete and am now back as a Coach! I have 8 years of cheer experience between All-star and High School and love everything about the sport! I am excited to motivate and push athletes as individuals and together as a team to be their best!

Josie currently coaches Black Ops and GI Janes


Marissa: This is my second year coaching cheer at ace and I am loving every minute. I cheered all throughout high school and have 10 years of gymnastic and thumbing experience. I am so excited to be back and involved in this sport and love being able to see these kids put in hard work and improve as a team every practice.

Marissa currently coaches Strikers


Ashley: I have 9 years of cheer experience, All-Star, High School, and Collegiate. I love getting to share my passion of cheer with my team. My goal is to provide a safe, fun and encouraging environment for your kids. Also to create a team where they feel included and valued as an athlete, while pushing them to their potential. In my free time I like to vacation, spend time with my family, and workout.

Ashley currently coaches GI Janes


Bryton: I started as an athlete on my school cheer team and eventually joined a team here at Ace. Now I coach and have loved every minute of it so far. I have 7 years of cheer experience between High School and All-star and this is my second year coaching at Ace. Over the years, I have fallen in love with this sport and this gym. I’m so excited to share my love and passion for cheer with my athletes and watch them grow and excel in what they do!